Why We Love Carowind’s Gold Passes

I have been going to Carowinds since I was a child myself. In the last couple of years though, we have decided to get Gold Passes for our family. Here's why its worth it to us, even though we drive 1.5 hours to get there. First of all, the passes cover the $20 parking fee... Continue Reading →

DIY Tented Sandbox

We recently took to Pinterest to find a great idea for a sandbox for our kids, that are determined to dig holes in their dad's prized yard. After seeing an idea of using a tent to keep cats out, (we have 4) we made our own modification that I wanted to share. We started with... Continue Reading →

We took our toddler where?!!

Last summer we decided to take our once in a lifetime trip to Alaska. We had a rough few months where we lost several family members so we decided to go ahead and go for it, carpe diem, even though our daughter was only 22 months old. Who takes a toddler to walk on a... Continue Reading →

{guest post} by Lynae Beresford

Hi Mama. I see you there. It’s dinner time and you have been pleading with your toddler to take one more bite, just try the vegetables, or threatening no dessert if they don’t eat their food. Your intentions are good. You’re worried that they’re not getting the nutrition they need. It’s stressful. It’s not fun.... Continue Reading →

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