My Journey into Stay-At-Home-Motherhood

I was a student in an OTA program when I got pregnant with our first child. I was due in August. Our plans changed a little and I was to take a year off from the program and be with our daughter and continue with my last year of the program the following August. After about 7 months of being a stay-at-home-mom I started looking at childcare options to get ready to go back to school in another few months. Looking at childcare options gave me extreme anxiety about strangers taking care of my child and I became really sad about missing time with her. After talking over options with my husband we decided that me staying home with our daughter was priority and decided not to return to the OTA program as previously planned.

There are still days where I wonder what life would currently be like if I had finished the program and was now working as a COTA, but then I glance over at the kids and know that I made the right choice for me. I hate when people think SAHMs are that because they’re lazy or have no career ambition because that’s just not true. I worked my butt off in school to get into a very small program and I was doing really well in the program when I put it on pause. It was a tough decision for me at the time. Fast forward to today and I’m now a SAHM of 2 kids. Some days are super hard and both the 3 year old and 7 month old are whiny or just generally unsatisfied or didn’t sleep well and I’m like “get me out of here!” but most days are great or at least mostly great and I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to be with them all day.

To some people, the thought of being with your kids all day every day makes them cringe (and no judgement from me) but I am thoroughly enjoying this time with them. I know I’ll never get this time back. I’ll never get to teach my baby to walk and explore our city (Charlotte NC) with our curious toddler ever again. I don’t have a paying job but the benefits of my current role are worth more than money to me. Without income, I gave up some small luxuries (manicures, pedicures, shopping for myself) but it’s been completely worth it. I know that we made the right decision for me to stay home with our kids. A career can wait, for me, and I’m so thankful to have a spouse that supports me in this decision and our family. I wanted to be an OTA to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted a job that really mattered. Even though career plans changed, being a mom is the job that matters the most. Molding 2 tiny humans is scary and wonderful. My job matters. My job is important. The time will come, faster than I realize, when both kids are in school all day and my role will change once again but until then we will fill our time with random adventures and lots of learning and playtime and occasional sleeping in.

If you know a SAHM (or dad), tell her she’s doing a good job because I can promise you she’s probably doubting herself and has no idea how important her job is to those little humans. ❤️

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