Didn’t Your Mama Teach You Not To Lie?

Well, did she? Because I know that is one of the very first lessons we taught our children. “Don’t lie to me. Just tell me the truth. You’ll be in less trouble if you just tell us the truth instead of lying” is a phrase used over and over again in this household. The reason I ask  is, because for some reason, that lesson didn’t stick with most adults. “Hey, does this dress make me look fat?” “No girl, you look great! It really makes your eyes POP.” {she’s lying. the dress does make her friend look fat. But instead of being honest with her supposed friend, she lies. She says it looks good. So the friend wears the dress. No harm right? Wrong actually. The friend walks around in something she doesn’t look her best in, when she could’ve worn something better had her friend just been honest to begin with. } This is not a common occurrence in my household. In fact, if you ask my husband about something, you’d better be prepared for the cold hard truth. And the simple truth is, the world needs more truth tellers. If your friend asks you to do something, don’t lie and claim not to have the seen message. Just say you  don’t want to do it (either that day or ever) It seems its become far easier to appease someone’s feelings briefly, and give them false hope, than to tell it like it is. Or the perpetual lie that is  affording to do something. If you simply can’t afford to go to the movies with your bestie, don’t lie to her and  say you can’t or make up some excuse. Simply tell her it isn’t in the cards for this week, month, etc. Am I saying that we are perfect and never lie? Absolutely not, we are far from it. But we do try extremely hard to both tell and show our children what it looks like to be honest even if the truth is the harder choice to make. So what I’m simply saying here  is, I challenge you to swap one lie for one truth and see how that plays out. I’m certain you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel by doing it.

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