DIY Tented Sandbox

We recently took to Pinterest to find a great idea for a sandbox for our kids, that are determined to dig holes in their dad’s prized yard. After seeing an idea of using a tent to keep cats out, (we have 4) we made our own modification that I wanted to share. We started with a 3 person tent we bought at Walmart ( for $24.94. We then picked up four 2×8 boards from Lowe’s. (approx $8-9 each depending on your location) We also opted to get sand from a local landscape business for $24 for 1/2 a cubic yard. We priced buying per bag, but buying bags would have cost us close to $150! After buying all the materials, we came home and my husband cut and screwed the boards to fit around the base of the tent (84Lx84Wx42H) He then set up the tent and stapled the bottom of it to the boards. After attaching the tent to the boards, we removed the bottom of the tent. The original design on Pinterest left the bottom intact to avoid weeds/plants coming through the dirt. However, we opted to remove it because we knew our kids would want to dig further than the bottom of the tent would allow. We already had the neccesary tools and left over screws from other projects, so all in all we were around $85 in. Not the cheapest sandbox, but a much sturdier version and one that allowed us to keep the children shaded while keeping the cats out. My only complaint thus far is that the zipper of the tent can get stuck in the fabric. Here are some pictures of the tent and of my kids enjoying it with their Target dollar spot buckets and shovels!


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