Walmart Grocery Pick Up: Time, Budget and Sanity Saver

Walmart Grocery pick up has been the best time, budget and sanity saver for our family of six! Living on a firefighter salary, and being on the bigger side of families, the cost of groceries is something we take very seriously. Originally, my husband was the one to push us to use it to save on our grocery bill. I was reluctant at first, and even bucked the idea. I NEEDED to go in the store for some reason. However, now, my opinion is the complete opposite. Nothing is easier than sitting in front of the computer, planning out the food for the week and knowing exactly how much it is going to cost and if those cookies are really something we can afford. And being able to pick it up in the morning after school drop off, or in the afternoon after carpool is fantastic! There is no more dragging four restless kids after school into Walmart, while they beg and plead their cases of why they need this toy or that snack. There is NO FIGHTING over who gets to pick what snack and why each is sure we NEED the one they choose. There are no tears over not being the one picked this time. There is no more chasing toddlers through the store emptying the cart of things they had to have as fast as they are putting it in. And I’m just as guilty as them. Sure! We do NEED this cute new cup, or I’m so hungry I NEED all the snacks. Or, ooh we haven’t tried this! Today seems like a good day for it! All in all it makes this tired mama’s life tremendously easier. Now sure, we do forget things from time to time. And when that is the case, we make a quick trip inside. But going in for one thing versus a weeks worth of things is far easier. And I haven’t even told you the best part yet. IT’S FREE Y’ALL! FREE!! There are other stores and other services that have also started up but have a fee attached.  Here is my code for you to try it out yourself(, save $10 on your first order! Y’all. That’s a guilt free mom pleasure right there! Treat yourself! Comment below after you try it out or if it is something you already use. I promise you’ll love it ladies!

  •  Jessica

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