Meet the Wiggins

I’m the other mom here. I’m Bethany, age 29, and married to Jonathan for almost 5 years. We met in middle school and it’s a story you never hear anymore. We moved to Charlotte, NC, 4 years ago. We have a lab named Ellie, a daughter named Olivia who turns 3 in August and our 3 month old son, Cole. Olivia is Mighty Mouse. She’s a little shrimp but the most energetic child on this planet. She loves to learn and is so smart. She constantly pushes my buttons and her limits. She was born to test me and keep me in check. She’s my little wild child. Then there’s our son, Cole, who was born in February and is the sweetest, cutest little boy I’ve ever met! So far Livvy and Cole are polar opposites so it’s been an interesting adjustment from 1 kid to 2. Every week is a new adventure in the Queen City and I’m trying to expose these kids to as much as I can.

Myself and Jessica met almost 10 years ago while working in “the real world” together. Now we’re both stay-at-home-moms doing our best to raise all these kiddos in two very different environments while keeping our sanity.

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