5 Reasons Labs are the best family dog

Below are five reasons we believe a lab is the best fit for a family dog:

  1. Gentleness– Our dogs have been nothing but fantastic with our children. Our children climb all over them, pull their tails and are just generally children with them. They tolerate it all. They are even known for their gentle mouths. In fact, we can toss an egg into Jake’s mouth and he does not crack it!
  2. Loyalty– Currently, we own a property with 28 acres and no fence. Our lab, Jake would never even dream of leaving us. He is always right by our side as is Ellie, Bethany’s lab, is right with them.
  3. Obedience- Labs, are at the top of the list for the AKC. They are some of the easiest dogs to train. In fact, we took Jake through an obedience class, never practiced at home like we were supposed to, and he retained ALL of it.
  4. Inexpensive Grooming– Its a known fact that labs shed. However, due to their short hair, they never have to be taken to the groomer for haircuts. In fact, they are fairly low maintenance. A good bath and nail trim, and they are good to go!
  5. Playfulness– Even at the age of 5, Jake can still play fetch tirelessly. He keeps pace with the kids and never seems to tire. He really enjoys having sticks thrown into the water and will swim for them what seems like endlessly!

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